Main Hall Renovation pictures (December, 2022)

The exterior portion of the Main Hall is nearly complete.  A water pipe broke inside during an extreme cold spell/blast before Christmas 2022, no pictures yet.  This occurred when windows were being replaced and had plywood covering while waiting for new windows.  Repairs are under way. Previous renovation pictures of the main hall can be found on our Facebook page including the VSDB Museum Facebook page.  These pictures came from Superintendent Patricia Trice.

VSDB Main Hall, Dec. 2022, center
New steps nearly completed. The previous steps completed a few years ago had cracks and foundation issues so it had to be redone. Scaffolding can be seen behind the columns
VSDB Main Hall, Dec. 2022, right side
Right side of Main Hall (towards Bass Hall), construction supplies can be seen here.
VSDB Main Hall, Dec. 2022, left side
Left side of Main Hall, portable crane lift can be seen along with a construction sign directing people around.
VSDB Main Hall, Dec. 2022
Nearly finished exterior front part of Main Hall


Deaf Printers Page

A printer prepares a printing page for the printer - black and white photo.

Sharing this useful history as VSDB used to have something like this before.  There were some names listed that came up throughout VSDB years as well.

VSDB One School Plan

VSDB One School Schedule, Fall 2022 for students, Jan 2023 for employees and alumni then February 2023 for final ideas and voting to merge blind and deaf schools/mascots together
As we move forward with the One School Plan,   I want to provide you with a timeline of the process and the goals.  Please see the attachment below.
Stakeholder meetings will be done by a company  who have worked with VSDB previously in the development of the 5-year strategic plan.  Stakeholders are the students, employees, and alumni of VSDB.
This process will take several months and will occur in phases:
  • The first phase includes  the stakeholder meetings that will focus on collecting ideas for  a mascot and colors that will unite and represent VSDB as one school. Please see the attachment below.  It will also include a voting process with all stakeholders that will determine the final decision for the mascot and colors.
  • Stakeholder meetings will be in person.  If people cannot attend the meetings, they can email their ideas to VSDB.  There will be a special vsdb email address for sending ideas.
  • After the mascot and colors are chosen,  there will be meetings to discuss how to preserve the history, culture, and traditions of the Blind and the Deaf Department. It is very important that the history,  culture, and traditions be honored and passed on to the students of VSDB.
  • Student Stakeholder meetings will occur in mid-November.
  • The employee and alumni meetings will be scheduled for some time in January.
I look forward to working as a team  with everyone to establish a more inclusive educational setting that represents equal value and representation for all students. Please let me know if you have any questions. Your input is welcomed!
– Pat Trice, VSDB Superintendent