VAD and VSDAA’s 140th Birthday Bash

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Virginia Association of the Deaf (VAD) and Virginia School for the Deaf Alumni Association (VSDAA)
hosted Deaf History Month & Birthday Bash celebrating 140th anniversary of both VAD and VSDAA on
April 13. One of Veditz Brewery owners, VAD Vice-President, and VSDAA President greeted everyone before the VAD Awards Ceremony. The afternoon included Veditz History by Greg Randall, VAD History by Race Drake, and VSDAA History by Rhonda Jennings-Arey. The program ended with the Birthday Cake Cutting ceremony by Donna Graff-Viall and Michele Paoni VanBoxlaere. Pat Beech shared her YouTube video for this event:

A special issue was created by Pat Beech, see VAD-VSDAA Party Bash Summary (PDF format)

Pictures can be found here.