About Us

VSDAA is always looking for people like YOU to help us out!  There are many ways that you can help VSDAA.  To name a few: becoming a member, joining one of the sub-committee groups (i.e. Little Acorn, Hall of Fame, Museum), taking pictures for the Little Acorn, making donations, etcetera!

VSDAA is a volunteer driven group with ties to VSDB (VA School for the Deaf and the Blind).  The goal is to give back to the school and scholarships is one of them.  We have an alumni newsletter that gives updates on alumni and staff or even news related to the school so that readers know what’s happening.  VSDB was founded in 1839 and we have a long line of alumni!  All proud of it.  The tight knit community keeps us together in spirit even after we leave the school.


VSDAA Officers:

President – Michele VanBoxlaere
Vice President – Earl Wright
Treasurer – Rusty Thompson
Secretary – Rhonda Jennings-Arey
Board Members – Alissa Conover and Richard Goode (one extra spot available if interested)
By-Laws Committee Chair – Earl Wright
Reunion Committee Chair – Torii Deaner
Little Acorn Chair – Torii Deaner
Hall of Fame Chair – Janice C. Dillman
VSDAA Webmaster – Feta Fernsler