VSDAA Hall of Fame Criteria

The purpose of the VSDAA Hall of Fame is to enshrine the names of outstanding Virginia School for the Deaf Alumni and non-alumni (administrators, athletic coaches, dormitory staff and academic/vocational teachers) who have made exceptional contributions or provided outstanding services in the area of the Arts, Community Service, Education or Sports (ACES).


Persons who are nominated must be a former student or graduate of the Virginia School for the Deaf (VSD) and who have been employed at the Virginia School for the Deaf (VSD) as administrators, athletic coaches, dormitory staff and academic/vocational teachers) for at least 10 years and they must have graduated or retired 10 years or more years ago. Nominees shall be considered on the basis of ACES categories and related outstanding performance, achievement, leadership, sportsmanship, good character and integrity.


Persons recognized for their accomplishments in the categories noted below (or related categories) may be considered for induction into the Hall of Fame.

Artist/Painter Organization Leader
Administrator Athlete
ASL Singer   Teacher Athletic Director
Actor/Actress Civic Leader/Attorney Dormitory Teacher Head Coach
Entertainer Entrepreneur Author Assistant Coach
Performer Professional Consultant Counselor Student Manager
Choreographer Political Leader Boys/Girls Scout leader Sport Editor/ Reporter
Musician Volunteer Leader Leader
(Local/State/ National)
Director/Producer Contributor College Professor  
Dancer Historian    
Author/Playwrights   Office/Board Member    
Poet Author/Writer/Editor    
Photographers Religious Leaders    


Brief history:

October 2011 – HOF Committee discussed ACES criteria
2014 – HOF Committee started recognizing and awarding prospective inductees based on ACES
2021 – photographers and playwrights added to Arts category
         – religious leaders added to the Community Service category