Poem and Thoughts

“Let us keep Deaf people together Again”

There are lot of frustration among the Deaf people in the world. We should never forget who we are as a deaf person. It does not matter what kind of race, we, Deaf people are. We in the deaf community are kind and decent. If someone’s car is on fire, you will stop and reach for the fire-extinguisher to put out the fire without checking the Deaf sticker on a bumper sticker. If someone has a heart attack in a parking lot, we can use CPR on that person without knowing if that person is Deaf, Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Atheist and even what race the person is. We do not look the other way, even we may get involved that will put us at risk. IF we are kind, decent, and courtesy, we can prevail.

Deaf people, who go to church should not show bad influence on other deaf young people. If people, who are not happy, being depressed, having low esteem, are lonely and isolated, we should help them and encouraging them to have good self-esteem. We need to show our good action and they will have a happy life. People who have problems with finance may need our help. We should try to help them. We should encourage people to get good jobs.

This is what most people want us to have a good relationship with all Deaf Americans. Deaf people who have negative attitude usually will fail their goals. They need to be thoughtful and caring for others.

For many years deaf and hearing people are teaching deaf students. Teaching is not a racial professional. It is an honorable and unique calling for an individual who genuinely want to teach our deaf children how to succeed – get a decent job, become a good leader, and many more.

Remember we need to keep good support and motivate other deaf people to stay together with good attitude. Try to be positive. Always respect each other. We cannot do it alone. So, with a team we can succeed as long we show our cheerful outlook and encourage each other to work together and to move on together.

God bless you

Cassius Copeland




My thoughts on How Deaf People can succeed


Be Faithful

Be Caring

Be Fair

Be Forgiving

Be Helpful

Be Honest

Be Humble

Be Kind

Be Respectful