VSDB-H Pics and References

VSDBH Eagle Statue in front of school, circa 2002
VSDB-H’s Eagle Statue on campus, which may be gone with the planned clearing for sale.  The statue was too big and heavy to move to VSDB-S’ Museum.


** We are in need of campus pictures.  A school map is helpful too!  Anything that can be used here is appreciated.

Original URL/Website was http://www.vsdbh.org, which is no longer active.  Wayback Machine has some snapshots of the website still which is where the eagle picture above came from.


Links of interest:

Harwood, Markie (1983-06-05). “Empty desks dot special schools”. Daily Press. Newport News, Virginia. pp. B1, B3.Clipping of the first and of the second page at Newspapers.com.

Handicapped need diverse education services, Daily Press, June 5, 1983, Sun Page 25 (VSDB-S is mentioned in the next article below it.)

According to Deaf, Blind Schools’ Separation Argued, Newport News, VA, Nov. 20, 1975, page 75 mentions that VSDB-H housed the only Blind H.S. while VSDB-S housed the only Deaf H.S.

Virginia School Plans To Improve Access For Handicapped, Newport News, VA, Nov. 9, 1978, page 13.

Hampton school fights to survive, The Daily News Leader, Staunton, VA, Feb. 23, 2003, page 4.

Check out the references section where some links above came from – https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Virginia_School_for_the_Deaf_and_the_Blind#References.

Virginia School for the Deaf, Blind and Multi-Disabled at Hampton, Wikipedia Reference

VSDB-H Postcard, Emory University Library