VSDB Mascot Ballot Information

Please watch the first video from VSDAA President Michele VanBoxlaere as she explains the basic process, while the VSDB video provides an ASL version of the PDF file found below.  Also, please share this with all alumni ASAP as results must be sent by May 25, 2023.


Click here for the Video Transcript (PDF version)
Email your Alumni choices to Michele VanBoxlaere at vsdaapresident at gmail.com.
— No online poll setup yet, email poll for now. 


ASL version describing the 2 mascots to pick from based on the PDF file below.
Fox like at 4:50 mark and Falcon like at 5:52 mark.


Unified VSDB Mascot Ballot for Alumni (PDF version)


Below are your choices or don’t vote at all.

This Defender is a bird-like image. The image shows the full body of the bird with large, strong, outstretched wings. The wings give a sense of protection. The red and blue feathers honor the history of the Cardinal and the Chief. This Defender is shown in flight and resembles a falcon with a strong, sharp, tan beak with fierce piercing red eyes. Its talons are sharp and ready to pounce. This Defender is fast, alert, brave, confident, and daring. It is always listening and watching from the sky, ready to protect and defend VSDB. This Defender is a fox-like image facing right. It has fur streaked with red and blue. Its snout has red, blue, and white fur. Its red eyes are intense with a determined stare. They are alert and see everything around it. There is a mix of red and blue feathers gathered closely around the neck. The feathers honor the history of the Cardinal and the Chief. The Defender’s ears are upright, alert and strong, listening intently even for the faintest sound. This Defender is bold, strong, fierce, alert, powerful, and protective. It is ready to attack quickly to defend VSDB.

** Update, a separate poll was setup to help count how many refused to vote for the new mascot choices above (fox/falcon).  See https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/M8FJL62. **