Main Hall Renovation pictures (December, 2022)

The exterior portion of the Main Hall is nearly complete.  A water pipe broke inside during an extreme cold spell/blast before Christmas 2022, no pictures yet.  This occurred when windows were being replaced and had plywood covering while waiting for new windows.  Repairs are under way. Previous renovation pictures of the main hall can be found on our Facebook page including the VSDB Museum Facebook page.  These pictures came from Superintendent Patricia Trice.

VSDB Main Hall, Dec. 2022, center
New steps nearly completed. The previous steps completed a few years ago had cracks and foundation issues so it had to be redone. Scaffolding can be seen behind the columns
VSDB Main Hall, Dec. 2022, right side
Right side of Main Hall (towards Bass Hall), construction supplies can be seen here.
VSDB Main Hall, Dec. 2022, left side
Left side of Main Hall, portable crane lift can be seen along with a construction sign directing people around.
VSDB Main Hall, Dec. 2022
Nearly finished exterior front part of Main Hall